Storytelling and Effective Communication with StoryBrand Guide Jeremy Moff

How can a business more easily bring in and hold onto customers? That is a question that the creators of StoryBrand have answered with a certified training program to help professionals through storytelling. And now, Jeremy Moff, Founder of Moff Interactive, is one of the few who are now StoryBrand certified.

What does this mean? The team at Moff Interactive now holds the indispensable StoryBrand tools to help businesses bring in and keep customers through effective websites and online communication.

Achieving the kind of communication that can cut through the immense online noise and captivate attention isn’t easy, and millions of dollars are spent annually on methods that don’t interest the target audience. As a result, they simply don’t work.

“Last year we implemented the Storybrand framework on our own website and are now excited to be able to do the same for our clients now that I am a Certified Storybrand Guide,” says Moff. “I have been following StoryBrand for years and have seen how the framework has helped businesses grow by clarifying their messaging.”

StoryBrand, a pioneering American system developed by renowned author, public speaker, and entrepreneur Donald Miller, uses storytelling and has been crucial in securing success for thousands of companies across the US.

The 2,000-year-old art of storytelling – a formula that Hollywood leverages to capture the imagines of millions worldwide and create blockbuster hits – makes the difference, as a method to secure attention and increase success.

While telling stories may be considered an art, its effectiveness is actually down to a simple framework that can turn vague and uninteresting business information into a compelling story
that connects any company to its customers.

“Story is part of the fabric that makes us human. People love a good story. StoryBrand shows how to use story to clarify your message,” says Moff.

For more information about StoryBrand, click here.

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